Paddleboard Rentals Muskoka

Paddleboard Rentals Muskoka

Starting $100.00

Paddleboards available for rent in Muskoka, enjoy the lakes with your pet in sunshine and keep your health on best levels all time with lil exercise.

2 Hours


4 Hours


2 days


7 days


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Experience the beauty of Muskoka Lakes on a Paddleboard

Get out on the water on a paddle board! Paddle around with friends, family, and experience the bay from a new point of view.


Paddle Muskoka Lakes

We assure experience of a lifetime! No matter your age, you can enjoy at your leisure, in any time of the day or season.


Give Your Mind The Much Needed Recreation

With Muskokaoutback your options are limitless. You can calm down and have fun. Enjoy a sun-kissed relaxing day on the lake or pamper yourself on a breezy evening.