Family Fun on Pontoon Boats

Family Fun on Pontoon Boats

Starting $500.00

Pontoon boats are perfect for family fun, big or small groups adventure and for special occasion celebrations in Muskoka Lakes.

2 Hours


4 Hours


2 days


7 days



Pontoon boats: Make Time For Fun

A lake isn’t meant to be looked at; it should be experienced.

Fun can’t be calculated; it can only be enhanced. Take a Pontoon boat ride. Hit the lake or just quietly cruise until the sun goes down.


Family Fun on Pontoon Boats

A perfect antidote for your weekend. Soak up the sun with family and friends; excitement for the whole family. Grab the offer! Allow your inner adventurer to run free.


Pontoon Boat Rentals in Muskoka

A pontoon boat trip perfect for cruising the lake, water sports, parties and fishing. Contact us to rents pontoon boats and be ready for party on lake,