Jet Surfboards: STSX Model

Jet Surfboards: STSX Model

Starting $299.00

We have taken the DNA of a Jet Ski and combined it to a surfboard, creating a jet surfboard for thrilling adventure experience. Contact us to book now.

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Rent Jet Surfboards: Pure Ride Pleasure

               Experience Pure Adventure


One of the fastest and most productive boats that make you feel confident on almost all the spectrum of waves. The comfortable foot loops and foam-based pillows make your trip too relaxing.


Enjoy Sparkling Waters in Jet Surfboards

You would just love its technological excellence. The sensitive handle with an ergonomic trigger is just perfect for speed control.

Fly with waves!


Introducing Jet-Surfboards Rentals

A unique, ultra-strong cable besides a powerful injection engine of 100 cubic meters cm and automatic start function you can forget everything and unwind yourself.
You stable companion, in any riding condition!